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WBG Community of Practice Toolkit

Created Mar 22 2021, 3:28 PM by Communities Reinvented


Welcome to the WBG Community of Practice Toolkit

A resource kit with a collection of practical tools that you can use to design, develop and manage impactful Communities of Practice (CoPs).

Learn CoP Fundamentals

Start a CoP

Develop a CoP

Increase Member Engagement

You will see below a collection of articles with attached resources. You can also browse the full library of worksheets, templates, and other resources here.

Alternatively, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to find common questions about building Communities of Practice, and answers pointing you to relevant articles in the Toolkit.

The WBG Community of Practice Toolkit has been developed by Communities Reinvented, a program and team of the World Bank Group which enables teams and departments to create and sustain Communities of Practice in a way that fosters learning, collaboration, and innovation to drive real development impact. Read more.


Learn CoP Fundamentals: Explore key concepts and elements to design a valuable Community of Practice 


Definition of Communities of Practice

5 Musts of Communities of Practice

Sense of Community

Roles in a CoP


CoP Framework

The Business Case for a CoP

WBG CoP Development Framework Icon

Start a CoP: Templates and tools to help you design and launch your Community of Practice

Core Team

Minimal Viable Community

Ecosystem Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis


Member Needs

Shared Value

Theory of Change

CoP Sprint


Convening Venues

Community Charter

Community Description


Community Pitch

Member Onboarding Journey

Core Group

Develop a CoP: Resources to help you manage and scale your Community of Practice

Action Planning


Event Planning

Online Discussion



Creating Social Content

Community Metrics

Impact Evaluation



Smart Growth

Member Engagement: Resources to help you promote engagement in your Community

Member Engagement overview

Staging Engagement

Designing Effective Events

Organizing a Community Roundtable


Organizing a Peer Assist

Organizing a Fishbowl

Organizing an e-dabate

Online Discussion


  • incredible work on so many valuable resources.  Many thanks!
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    These are fantastic resources!  Is the toolkit available yet in other languages?  
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