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About the Community of Practice Toolkit

Created Mar 22 2021, 2:15 PM by Communities Reinvented

About the Community of Practice Toolkit

This Toolkit consolidates the experience and learning of Communities Reinvented, a program and team of the World Bank Group which enables teams and departments to create and sustain Communities of Practice in a way that fosters learning, collaboration and innovation to drive real development impact.

The increased relevance and the applicability of our community building framework beyond the boundaries of any specific organization prompted us to systematize our approach, tools and practices, and offer them in the form of a Community of Practice Toolkit to all in the international development community and beyond under a Creative Commons open-source license so that the Toolkit in its entirety and any component in the Toolkit can be customized and adopted at scale.

We are offering this Toolkit to share our practical wisdom and methods with the international development community.

We hope this practical resource will help galvanize all actors within the international development community to create and sustain diverse ecosystems of Communities of Practice that foster learning, collaboration, and innovation across nations and institutions to drive real development impact around the world.

The Team

Since 2012, we have nurtured an ecosystem of more than 350 Communities of Practice (CoPs) across the World Bank Group. In particular, we have helped design, build, and scale up impactful CoPs; developed a network of more than 1,500 CoP practitioners; certified more than 300 Community Managers, ultimately empowering WBG departments as well as several international organizations to build their ecosystems of CoPs.

This work has earned us multiple recognitions including: Outstanding Center of Excellence for Communities of Practice, Outstanding Community Playbook, and Best CoP Recognition & Reward program. Take a look at our Virtual Gratitude Wall to see what our clients have to say about Communities Reinvented.


Davide Piga has been the Program Lead of Communities Reinvented between 2020 and 2021. His career has been focused on helping several UN agencies and most recently the WBG optimize their knowledge flows as well as their capacity for collaboration, ultimately unlocking their potential for innovation.

Emilia Galiano has been the Program Lead of Communities Reinvented from 2016 until the end of 2019. She started her career at the World Bank strengthening online collaboration and this opened her eyes to the power of people getting together to share, learn, and co-create. Since then, she has been a fervent advocate for communities of practice, a trainer, a coach, and a facilitator.

Claudia Teixeira joined the team to nurture the WBG CoP Ecosystem as Community Manager and Community Strategist as well as to co-design and co-facilitate training programs. She feels honored for having the opportunity to practice building communities as spaces for authentic connections with the potential of creating new and improved collective realities. 

Ray Eisenberg worked in the software industry for over 20 years as a Documentation Manager, Training Manager, and Community Strategist. He has consulted to the World Bank for the last 6 years as a Learning and Online Community Specialist working on the Bank’s Communities of Practice worldwide.

Zarko Palankov works at the intersection of leadership, learning and community. He activates potential, bringing people together to discover and unleash their latent abilities in order to re-imagine how we all might learn, grow, lead, and work together.

Bruce Summers  20+ years of experience - Community of Practice (CoPs) Capacity Building, Community Management Training and Coaching. Specializes in working with external facing CoPs - international development sectors. World Bank Group – supports ecosystem of 120 CoPs, 20,000+ members. American Red Cross – supported 1,000 member CoP with 700 Affiliates engaging over 1 million volunteers annually.



The Community of Practice Toolkit has deep roots as it is the result of a process of continuous improvement which is at the core of the Communities Reinvented program. As many bright minds have joined the 9-year long journey of Communities Reinvented, we wish to acknowledge their contribution.

We wish to extend our special thanks to the various sponsors that have followed one another over the years, securing funding and support for Communities Reinvented and helping shape the program’s strategic vision: Andrei Tolstopiatenko, Patrick Burkhalter, Jean-Charles Parise.

And we wish to thank each and every one who has been part of the team, each of them adding value in their unique and special way: Kate Pugh, Bardha Ajeti, Busayo Odunlami, Adedayo Bolaji Adio, Frederic Lafleur Parfaite, Michael Haws, Brendan McNulty, Jessica Renee Hunter, Christine Prefontaine, Aaron Leonard, Justin Isaf, Humaira Qureshi, Arno Boersma, Johannes Schunter, Rodica Tomescu Olariu, Johannes Zimmerman, Gisele Youmbi, Suzanna Barossa, Paula Hurtado.