Welcome to RENEW MENA


Welcome to the Regional Network in Energy for Women in the Middle East and North Africa Region (RENEW MENA) website.

Our goal is to boost women’s role in energy by harnessing the recognized potential of women professional networks to access role models, provide and receive mentorship, build confidence, and create safe spaces. The initiative has three pillars, focusing on:

1. The transition from STEM education to work

2. Recruitment, retention, and advancement

3. Entrepreneurship and financial inclusion with a focus on renewables and new technology

The RENEW-MENA initiative aims to directly support female entrepreneurs and other actors in the clean energy market ecosystem in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

Who are we?

RENEW MENA is a program & network hosted by the World Bank (including the RENEW MENA Interim-Secretariat, Steering Committee, and Gender Focal Points) and it is supported by ESMAP.

RENEW MENA Conference interviews: Dr. Shirine Youssef

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