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The WePOWER Internship Module

Created Dec 03 2022, 4:28 AM by Iris Weges

The WePOWER Internship Working Group presents: The Internship Module for South Asian energy sector utilities.

"WePOWER believes internships are the cornerstone for ensuring a strong pipeline of women engineers for employers and an opportunity for interns in building a compelling profile for future roles."

What Is the WePOWER Internship Module and Who Is It for?  

The South Asia Women in Power Sector Professional Network (WePOWER) supports higher participation of women in the energy sector and utilities and promotes normative changes for women and girls in STEM. An Internship Working Group of WePOWER partners has created this Internship Module as a tool for South Asian energy sector utilities and other stakeholders to establish and/or scale-up their internship programs.  


The Internship Module is based on three elements:  

a. A comprehensive literature review of global best practices and research.  

b. Guidance from the WePOWER Internship Working Group.  

c. The WePOWER Questionnaire for SAR Engineering Students on Internships 2022 – Summary of Findings.  


The Module consists of:

Component 1: WePOWER Internship Program Employer's Guide

Component 2: Appendix – Summary of Findings and Results of the WePOWER Questionnaire for SAR Engineering Students on Internship in 2022

Component 3: Introductory Video of the Employer's Guide and Training Video for Supervisors / Mentors

Message from the WePOWER Internship Working Group

Across the global workplace, women remain deeply underrepresented in technical roles, particularly in Energy sectors. We, as the WePOWER Internship Working Group, in pursuit of increasing women’s participation in technical roles in the Energy sector have developed this ‘well-structured’ internship module targeting university graduates after a series of consultative meetings, deliberations, and exchange on the best practices at respective organizations.

The internship module is a complete package that comes with policy templates, fill-in forms for interns and employers, checklists and step-wise guidelines that can be adopted quickly. This toolkit guarantees mutual benefit for employers and interns, as both the parties’ expectations and roles are considered while developing this module. 

This internship module has the three overarching principles, Well-Structured, Inclusive and Youth-Friendly, which has eight recommended basic steps that are further supported by 23 Key Attributes. Therefore, the Working Group wishes to increase the pool of experienced women engineers and professionals in the Energy sector through this comprehensive WePOWER Internship Module. 

– Ms Tshewang Lhamo
Senior HR Officer, Human Resource and Administration Department
Druk Green Power Corporation (DGPC), Bhutan 

Please find the complete Internship Module in PDF-format here

Download the User Manual for the Employer's Guide.

Download the Internship Attributes Checklist to identify which attributes your Internship Program will include.

Download the Appendix – Summary of Findings and Results of the WePOWER Questionnaire for SAR Engineering Students on Internship in 2022

Questions or comments? Please reach Yukari Shibuya, Sr. Youth & Gender Specialist, at