The ESF in Practice: A Webinar Training Course for Government Officials and Consultants

Resources for trainers and participants in the webinar training on the application of the Environmental and Social Framework to World Bank Investment Project Financing


The ESF in Practice

A webinar training course for government officials and consultants

Training Objective

To deepen clients’ understanding of the value proposition of the ESF and how to practically apply the ESF during project preparation and implementation

Target Audience

Government and PIU ES counterparts, country ES consultants and regional centers’ faculty, and third-party collaborators (recommended maximum capacity of 40)

Training duration

Five modules each consisting of three hours of training (total 15 hours)

Training platform

Zoom webinar

Course Contents

▪ Module 1. World Bank Projects and the Environmental and Social Framework (ESF)

▪ Module 2. Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA) Readiness

▪ Module 3: Stakeholder Engagement Plans (SEP)

▪ Module 4: Labor Management Procedures (LMP)

▪ Module 5: Environmental and Social Commitment Plans (ESCP)


▪ Presentations led by trainers on core concepts and process

▪ Interactive slides with video examples, case photos, and recall quizzes

▪ Small breakout group exercises, Q&A sessions, plenary discussion with participants

▪ Homework short readings to prepare participants for each module

Case studies

Pre-selected case studies in infrastructure and HD sectors are integrated into course materials, but if preferred, regional organizing teams can swap these out for case studies from their own operations. In the latter, regional organizing teams need to prepare project summary sheets for case study including an ESRS Introduction 1-4 pages, ESIA/ESMP/ESMF 1-6 pages, ESCP 1-4 pages (templates available).

Trainer modalities (ESF ISU trainer costs split with requesting region)

▪ Option 1: ESF ISU trainers deliver

▪ Option 2: Regional trainers and ESF ISU trainers share delivery

▪ Option 3: Regional trainers deliver

▪ Option 4: Training of Trainers session by ESF ISU and support as needed


Available in English and French (by March 2021), simultaneous translation may be required in-country


Publicly accessible website repository for the entire training package

Prerequisite for participants

Completion of ESF Fundamentals e-Learning course is required prior to attending:


Attendees who participate in full will receive certificates of completion signed by the ESF ISU Directors and Country Director by request