Collab4Dev Community Managers Roundtable

Welcome to the Collaboration for Development Community Managers Roundtable. 

The Roundtable focuses on Peer to Peer Knowledge Exchange for C4D Community Leaders, Community Managers, Community Moderators, and Core Team/Group Members. Ask a Question get an Answer. Access Tips, Tricks, Training and Technical Assistance. 

World Bank Group - Receives Outstanding CoP Center of Excellence Award from the Community Roundtable (CR Connect Award) for 2019

Updated 09.25.19: Communities of Practice Lab (CoP Lab) Program - Kickoff meeting Oct. 2, 2019.

Updated 9.26.19: Community Managers Level 1 Certification Course - Completed its 2nd module on on Sept. 26, next session Oct. 3 - Module 3. See discussion thread by Suzana Barosso

Reminder: New members should - Introduce Yourself to other Roundtable Members. Current members are invited to welcome new members by commenting or replying to this thread.