Collab4Dev Community Managers Roundtable

Welcome to the Collaboration for Development Community Managers Roundtable. 

The Roundtable focuses on Peer to Peer Knowledge Exchange for C4D Community Leaders, Community Managers, Community Moderators, and Core Team/Group Members. Ask a Question get an Answer. Access Tips, Tricks, Training and Technical Assistance. 

Register your Community of Practice for FY 2019.  Please Pass the Word.  New Deadline May 24, 2019.

Each fiscal year we invited World Bank Group hosted or co-hosted Communities of Practice (CoPs) and collaboration networks to officially register. This is an annual update and inventory of information about your group.  All C4D Groups should complete this inventory.  It helps other internal and external organizations and their partners discover, collaborate, communicate and coordinate with your group.  It also helps potential members learn about your group.  Centrally we aggregate information and statistics about all registered internal facing and external facing communities.  Thanks for your help.