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Publicaciones y Reportes del ASL

Created Apr 06 2022, 7:04 PM by Christel Maria Moller Molina

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Informes Anuales del ASL


Conferencias Anuales del ASL


Investigación y estudios del ASL 

  • Guía: Asegurando el financiamiento sostenible para áreas de conservación: Guía de financiamiento de proyectos para la permanencia. Español | English 
  • Estudio: International Funding for Amazon Conservation and Sustainable Management: A Continued Analysis of Grant Funding Across the Basin, February 2021   English
  • Documento de discusión: Comparative Analysis of Conservation Agreement Programs in the Amazon, January 2020   English 
  • Reporte: World Conversations II: Colombia - Brazil - Peru: Exchange of experiences, tools and lessons learned on the recognition of indigenous rights and territories for the safeguarding of the Northwest Amazon,  September 2019  Spanish 


Lecciones aprendidas 

  • Reporte: Community Sustainable Tourism 
  • Reporte: Challenges and Lessons Learned: Knowledge exchange – Forestry Community, Petén Guatemala, July 2019 Spanish


Blogs y reportajes

  • Infographics World Wildlife Day, 2021  English  |  Spanish
  • Community engagement and conservation agreements in the heart of the Colombian Amazon, December 2020, English | Spanish  
  • Why the environment matters to human health, June 2020  English  |  Spanish  |  Portuguese
  • The dream of community forestry in the Amazon: An interview with Rodrigo Botero García, March 2020 English 
  • GEF CEO Welcomes Cooperation Pact to Protect the Amazon Basin, September, 2019  English 
  • Entrepreneurs in the Middle of the Jungle, August 2019  Spanish 
  • The Amazon’s Indigenous Languages Hold the Key to Its Conservation: An Interview with Martin von Hildebrand, August 2019, English 
  • Q&A with Thomas Lovejoy: Why the Amazon’s Biodiversity is Critical for the Globe, May 2019, English 
  • When Forest Protection and Economic Renewal Grow Hand in Hand, September 2018, English 
  • Wonderful Life: Biodiversity for Sustaining People and their Livelihoods, May 2016, English 
  • Making Protected Areas an Integral Part of Development, November 2014, English
  • Brazil: Global Recognition for Protecting the Amazon, June 2012, English 



  • Promoting sustainable land and water use in the Amazon, April 2021  English  |  Spanish  |  Portuguese
  • Community Forestry Concessions in Peten – Guatemala, July 2019 Spanish with subtitles 
  • World Conversations II: Colombia - Brazil - Peru, September 2019  Spanish
  • Entrepreneurs in the Middle of the Jungle, August 2019 Spanish 
  • Joining Forces to Protect the Amazon – The World’s Largest Rainforest, August 2019
    English  |  Spanish  |  Portuguese


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