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KM4Dev Knowledge Cafe: “Discover the WBG CoP Toolkit - A Resource Kit to Help You Build Communities of Practice"

Created Jun 29 2021, 7:26 AM by Communities Reinvented

On 24 June 2021, KM4Dev - a global community of international development practitioners interested in Knowledge Management - hosted an informative session organized by the WBG in collaboration with IFAD, to create awareness of the community building tools available in the WBG Community of Practice Toolkit, and to share practical advice and tips. More than 200 participants registered for the session, representing 156 organizations from 43 countries. You can watch a video of this event including captions and video chapters allowing you to skip to the parts most relevant to you. Additional resources are linked in the video description.


Fig. 1 and 2: A breakdown of the participants who registered to attend KM4Dev’s Knowledge Cafe: “Discover the WBG CoP Toolkit: A Resource Kit to Help You Build Communities of Practice” which took place on 24 June 2021.

More than 150 questions were submitted through the registration form. The questions were analysed and grouped into 5 topics. 

Fig. 3: Distribution of questions by topic area.


We created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page here on Communities4Dev. It provides advice and practical tips covering each of the 5 topics, plus an additional section providing answers to questions that could not be captured under any of the topics. Alternatively, you can download the FAQs as a PDF document. You are welcome to visit the page or download the document and, if you have a question which is not covered in the FAQs, you are encouraged to add a comment directly under the FAQs page (be aware: you need to create an account on Communities4Dev in order to be able to make a comment).

If the answers to the FAQs are not sufficient and you need additional support, check out these additional resources:

  • For peer-advice, join Communities4Dev, a Community of Practice bringing together CoP enthusiasts with the purpose of helping each other develop impactful communities of practice (CoPs) in the development sector. 
  • For ad-hoc support such as coaching and training, ask a question on Communities4Dev indicating that you need support, and a certified trainer will get back to you.


Share the Toolkit with your networks: it is a public resource published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. The Toolkit is aimed at helping anyone interested in building Communities of Practice with a focus on International Development. Download a one-pager about the WBG Community of Practice Toolkit and use it to spread the word about this valuable resource.

  • Great summary of a very interesting event hosted by Davide Piga  Raymond Malcom Eisenberg  and Ilaria Urbani.  I especially liked the Questons and Answers Session by Ray, and the segment by Ilaria, sharing how IFAD was about to translate and adapt World Bank Group CoP tools to meet the needs of their emerging cluster of communites of practice:) Davide did a great introduction to the new CoP Toolkit, thanks to all it was a very useful event.